Thursday, August 09, 2012

Accessing DISCOVER on iPads, Tablets and mobile devices

A recent new release of DISCOVER has improved access to Discover on mobile devices.

If you access  DISCOVER  through a small-screened mobile device you will automatically be taken to the new mobile version of DISCOVER, though still with the option to use the full site if you prefer. The new mobile version is full-featured: allowing you to search, view records, save results to a folder and view full-text (though you may prefer to save them and read them on a full size device later).

The new mobile interface is also available for EBSCOhost databases such as Business Source Premier and Cinahl.

Unfortunately this new release introduced a problem accessing DISCOVER on an iPad or Tablet: the Discover search boxes embedded in library web pages no longer work from iPads and other tablets, and previously saved Permalinks don't work either.

But you can still access DISCOVER at:

whatever device you use.

EBSCO are aware of the problem with iPads and other tablets and should have a fix in place by the end of August.

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Anonymous said...

I have just been able to use DISCOVER via the embedded search boxes on the libraryhomepge and from LibGuides using a Galaxy Tab 10.1