Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting the best out of SciFinder

SciFinder is a research discovery tool that allows you to explore the scientific literature. You can explore one single source for scientific information in journals and patent literature from around the world.

Why use SciFinder?
  • Subject coverage is very broad and includes analytical and physical chemistry, applied chemistry, biochemistry and biology, chemical engineering, environmental chemistry, macromolecular chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, pharmaceuticals properties and reactions, toxicology.
  • Access current, high-quality scientific information, including chemical substance information, reactions and property values, anytime, anywhere.
  • Use Twitter to promote your work and make connections
  • Search patent records from the major patent offices (including US, European and World)
  • Capabilities for exploring substructures, similar structures and Markush structures
  • Plan your synthesis with the SciPlanner and experimental procedures
  • Answer sort by relevancy, Molecular formula, Molecular weight, number of citings
  • Annotate and Tag abstracts
  • Easy access via the web and also via your smart phone
  • Lots of exporting options, including Endnote
This relates to the Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities domain of the Researcher Development Framework.

Date: 21/03/2012
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Presenter: Vikki Vowles, Regional Marketing Manager, SIIL/CAS
Location: Taylor Room, Sydney Jones Library
Registration is required for this event

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