Friday, March 16, 2012

British Library 19th Century Books now online

Earlier this week the British Library announced the availability of its digitised collection of 19th Century Books through the JISC Historic Books platform, which is part of JISC eCollections.

We subscribe to JISC eCollections, so you can now access this collection of about 65,000 books that were digitised by Microsoft back when it was competing with Google to digitise the world's out-of-copyright books.

JISC Historic Books also hosts the content from EEBO and ECCO, and all three collections can be searched together. We still have access to EEBO and ECCO on their own platforms, at least until the JISC Historic Books interface improves sufficiently to render the other platforms unnecessary.

You will find JISC Historic Books listed in the library catalogue and LibGuides, along with the other two components of JISC eCollections: JISC Media Hub and JISC Journal Archives.

We do not have catalogue records for the individual books within JISC Historic Books, EEBO or ECCO, though JISC Collections do promise to provide these in the future.

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