Friday, February 10, 2012

Noise Awareness campaign - response to your feedback

The Noise Awareness campaign ran from Monday 9th of January until Friday 20th 2012. The key aims of the campaign were to:

  • Clarify the meaning of Quiet, Silent and Social Zones and highlight where they are
  • Raise awareness of appropriate use of these zones
  • Raise awareness of students need for different working spaces.

A number of marketing methods were adopted for the campaign including inviting written comments and surveying students using the libraries.

The key issues resulting from the comments cards and surveys included:

  • The need to effectively manage quiet and silent zones
  • A Lack of social study space
  • Noise from study rooms on the Grove Wing (SJL)
  • Lack of noise reporting service at weekend and evenings.
  • Noisy food particularly crisps
  • Noise from headphones
  • Need to review zoning in HCL
  • Ensure staff observe zones as well as students
Other non noise related issues that students raised included
  • Encourage recycling of rubbish and packaging
  • Need for more power points
  • No cafe in the HCL
  • Toilets need more regular attention in both libraries
  • Need for more study space
  • Need for more PCs

Library Response and conclusions
A written response to student’s comments was made by User Services Managers and displayed in the buildings, on library WebPages. Generally there was a very positive response to the campaign, including a considerable take up in the number of noise alerts texted to roving staff. There was a strong call for more silence in the library, but equally a need to provide more areas where students could work collaboratively together. In the HCL steps were taken after the first week to change the zoning on a number of PC centres as a direct result of student feedback.

As a result of the campaign the Library will:

  • Develop a webpage highlighting use of study zones in the library and their location, policy on noise
  • Install permanent signage highlighting study zones.
  • Investigate cost effective method of extending Noise Alert service at evenings and weekends.
  • Improve signage in SJL Grove Wing study rooms and investigate with Facilities Management any economic means to improve sound proofing of the Grove Wing study rooms.

Laura Dunn, User Services Manager

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