Thursday, February 23, 2012

DISCOVER Tip - What does it search? Updated!

It has been well over a year since we told you what DISCOVER searches, so compare the post below with that old post from September 2010. We'll draw attention to some of the key differences - resources in bold below weren't included back then.

When you search DISCOVER your main results can include hits from 61 different databases (was 41), plus 'more results' from another 17 external databases (in the column on the right). In time, those 17 additional databases will expand to 40 databases (see below).

The main search includes 5 multidisciplinary databases:

University of Liverpool Catalogue
University of Liverpool's Institutional Respository
EDS Foundation Index (a huge 'base index' of data supplied directly by publishers)
Academic Search Complete (EBSCO's largest multidisciplinary full-text database)
British Library Document Supply Centre Inside Serials & Conference Proceedings (i.e. Zetoc)

It includes the 3 main components of Web of Science:

Arts & Humanities Citation Index
Science Citation Index
Social Sciences Citation Index

It includes 11 JSTOR segments:

JSTOR Arts & Sciences I
JSTOR Arts & Sciences II
JSTOR Arts & Sciences III
JSTOR Arts & Sciences IV
JSTOR Arts & Sciences IX
JSTOR Arts & Sciences V
JSTOR Arts & Sciences VI
JSTOR Arts & Sciences VII
JSTOR Arts & Sciences VIII
JSTOR Ireland
JSTOR Life Sciences

(We don't have full-text access to Arts & Sciences V, VI, VIII or IX, and only the Biological Sciences subset of Life Sciences, but as we may have full-text access elsewhere we include these resources to ensure that you find out about these articles).

It includes 2 major repository resources:

arXiv - the particle physics, maths, computing pre-print archive
OAIster - a site that searches multiple insitutional and other repositories

It includes 3 publishers' full-text sites where we have full-text access to all/most/a lot of the content:

Oxford Scholarship Online

It includes 9 more EBSCO full-text databases that we subscribe to:

Art & Architecture Complete
Business Source Premier (and Regional Business News)
Communication & Mass Media Complete
Computers & Applied Sciences Complete
Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source
Environment Complete
Humanities International Complete
MEDLINE with Full Text
SPORTDiscus with Full Text

It includes 15 indexing and abstracting databases that we subscribe to on EBSCOhost:

AMED - The Allied and Complementary Medicine Database
America: History & Life
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
GeoRef In Process
Global Health
Global Health Archive
Historical Abstracts
Index to Legal Periodicals and Books
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
Philosopher's Index
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature

It includes 3 indexing and abstracting databases that EBSCO provide for free to their EBSCOhost customers:

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
Teacher Reference Center

It includes 6 freely-available databases that have been intergrated into EBSCO Discovery Service with the agreement of their creators (these sometimes, but not always link to freely-available full-text):

Government Printing Office Catalog
Manuscriptorium Digital Library
National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts

It includes 4 collections from RMIT Publishing. We do not subscribe to these collections but we sometimes have full-text access elsewhere and it is high quality content that we believe you should be able to discover:

Informit Business Collection
Informit Engineering Collection
Informit Health Collection
Informit Humanities & Social Sciences Collection

Our DISCOVER 'subject profiles' (Health & Life Science, Humanities, Science & Engineering, and Social Sciences) search the multidisciplinary databases, plus a subset of the subject specialist databases. Searching one of our 'subject profiles' won't find you anything that you won't find in our main DISCOVER search, but it can help to reduce 'noise' from irrelevant hits and make useful hits more prominent.

Similarly our main search's 'more results' area uses 2 multidisciplinary databases (it was 3 but Web of Science is now included in the main results):

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

and 9 subject specialist databases:

ACM Digital Library
BIOSIS Previews
Cochrane Library
IEEE Xplore
Literature Online Criticism
Literature Online Fulltext
Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations

We have greatly reduced the number of 'more results' databases that we offer. We know that little use if made of this area so we think it makes sense to offer a brief list of key resources rather than a bewilderingly long list.

Our LibGuides list the full range of databases that we have for each subject, regardless of whether or not they are included in DISCOVER searches.

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