Monday, December 12, 2011

Struggling to get hold of textbooks?

Introducing Reference Tree - a service that lets students rent e-book chapters or whole e-books.

The Library strives to make sure that we have at least one copy of every item on a reading list, and multiple copies of core texts. Furthermore we monitor borrowing statistics and buy additional copies to meet demand.

However, we recognize that at times of peak demand it can be hard to obtain the textbooks you need. It can also be hard for us to provide key texts as e-books:

• Sometimes publishers will only sell e-textbooks to students, not to libraries

• Sometimes e-textbooks are only sold to libraries at prices that we can’t afford (on the assumption that sales of print copies to students will diminish)

• Sometimes the e-textbooks that are sold to libraries have limits on the number of students who can use them at one, so they are not available just when you need them most

• Sometimes all the print copies are out on loan and your need is too urgent to wait for a copy to be returned

You now have the option of renting chapters or whole books, for 6 or 12 months, at your own expense through Reference Tree. There is no obligation or expectation on you to do so, but we think you might find it a useful option.

To rent chapters or books from Reference Tree you need to:

• Go to Reference Tree (opens in a new window)

• Register, and identify yourself as a member of the University of Liverpool during the registration process

• Before renting any content we strongly advise you to click the University of Liverpool icon on Reference Tree pages which will link you to a title search on the library catalogue. Check thoroughly to see if there is a no-cost option that meets your needs. The Library cannot be held responsible for costs you incur if you choose to licence content from Reference Tree.

These details appear at, linked from the bottom of our e-books page.

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