Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taylor & Francis eBooks: They'll Be Back!

Due to 'unforeseen circumstances' with the Taylor & Francis eBooks platform we currently cannot access eBooks on that platform, and we have taken those eBooks out of the Library catalogue.

The good news is that next week we should be granted access to the titles on the Myilibrary platform instead, and this will just be a temporary measure until they finally transition to the new Taylor & Francis Online platform (which recently took over the hosting of T&F e-journals from Informaworld).

Note that for a long time we have had trial access to a large number of T&F eBooks, but we will not have access to those titles on Myilibrary (or on Taylor & Francis Online). Actually, we will be able to keep access to the best-used of those titles (around 50 at a guess). But that still means that we will have access to well over 6,000 T&F eBooks, which isn't bad.

Once access has been granted to the titles on Myilibrary, if you find that you cannot access a title that you have come to depend on just get in touch and we should be able to purchase it to restore access within a day or two.

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