Friday, June 03, 2011

SciFinder switch from client to web

Due to increasing popularity and new development of the web version of SciFinder, the client version of SciFinder will be discontinued on 31st August 2011 so all users will need to use the web version.

The web version offers:

  • the same CAS content as the client version
  • a simple and intuitive interface
  • convenient access, anytime, anywhere
  • powerful features not found in the client version
To use the web version of SciFinder you need to register. (Off-campus users will be prompted to login to EZproxy to reach this registration page). The email address that you supply during registration must ends in Once registered, you will then be able to login to SciFinder at

View an interactive demo of the web version of SciFinder or look at the How to Guides featuring Explore by Research Topic, Explore by Chemical Structure, Explore by Substructure, and Explore Reactions.

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