Monday, April 18, 2011

TRIAL: JoVE - Journal of Visualized Experiments

We have a trial of JoVE - Journal of Visualized Experiments - until 14th September 2011.

JoVE takes advantage of video technology to capture and transmit the multiple facets and intricacies of life science research. Visualization greatly facilitates the understanding and efficient reproduction of both basic and complex experimental techniques, thereby addressing two of the biggest challenges faced by today's life science research community: low transparency and poor reproducibility of biological experiments; and time and labor-intensive nature of learning new experimental techniques.

Our trial access to JoVE includes the main area of JoVE and all the sub-sets:

JoVE Basic Protocols
JoVE Bioengineering
JoVE Clinical and Translation Medicine
JoVE Immunology and Infection
JoVE Neuroscience

After trying JoVE, please leave your feedback using the comments function below. You can choose the Anonymous comment option if you don’t have a Blogger account, but please provide us with your name so we can follow-up any feedback you might have.

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