Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TRIAL: Voices from Wartime France

Voices from Wartime France is an online digital archive of the sum of the French press that actually reached Britain during the Occupation of 1940-1944. Providing perspectives of both the Vichy government and the resistance movement, it is a record of what was known by the British about the hearts and minds of the French people at the most dramatic time of their shared history.

We have trial access to this archive until 22nd April 2011. To access this trial go to Thomson Gale's trials site and login with the trial username and password. If we purchase the resource, access would be via EZProxy as normal.

Please leave your feedback about the resource using the comments function below. You can choose the Anonymous comment option if you don’t have a Blogger account, but please provide us your name so we can follow-up any feedback you might have.

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Kay Chadwick said...

This is an excellent resource for both research and teaching purposes, of use to anyone interested in twentieth-century European history, war studies, media and communication studies, journalism, French studies... I'd strongly support obtaining this for use on an ongoing basis.