Friday, January 14, 2011

More Nature journals now available

We have added more Nature Publishing Group e-journals to our collection for 2011. You can now access:

Nature Communications - publishes high-quality papers from all areas of science that represent important advances within specific scientific disciplines, but that might not necessarily have the scientific reach of papers published in Nature and the Nature research journals. For papers that could satisfy the scope of more than one Nature journal, the choice of which journal to submit to first lies with the authors. If a paper is rejected from one Nature journal, the authors can use an automated manuscript transfer service to submit the paper to Nature Communications via a link sent to them by the editor handling the manuscript.

SciBX: Science-Business eXchange - a weekly publication that provides a timely, concise and understandable analysis of the scientific content and commercial potential of the most important translational research papers from across the life science literature. The editorial team at SciBX mines thousands of articles across the literature each week and distill the flood of information down to the 25 most important developments. And by reporting the industry viewpoint on the key papers, SciBX provides a unique and essential scientific and commercial perspective on today's breakthrough science.

Hypertension Research

Asian Journal of Andrology

We will also have access to Nature Climate Change when it launches in April 2011.

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