Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DISCOVER tip: Known item searching

Sometimes you know the title of the article you want but know little (or nothing) about which journal it was published in, and what volume, issue, page number or year. Yet the library's tools for finding a journal (or journal article) require you to know this extra information.

What do you do? Try DISCOVER!

Since we launched DISCOVER, a couple of key changes have been made which make it much better for this sort of known item searching:

1. It no longer has problems with words like 'an' and 'de' so you can easily just paste an article title into the search box. (It used to assume your were trying to do an advanced search using 'field codes' to tell it which price fields you wanted to search in - the accession number for 'an' and the descriptors for 'de')

2. The search box now lets you specify whether you want to do a keyword search (which used to be the only option), or a title search or an author search.

So here's how to find the article "Explaining development and change in organizations":

1. Go to the main DISCOVER search page at:

2. Search for "Explaining development and change in organizations" (putting in the quotes), and limit your search to Title

3. The
result is a single hit with a link to the PDF in EBSCO, and a find it @ liverpool link which will offer you the same article from JSTOR - and some recommendations of similar articles from the bX recommender service.

Note that:

1. The DISCOVER search boxes embedded in our web pages don't yet have the Keyword / Title / Author options (but they will do soon).

2. Sometimes you will get more than one hit (and sometimes there will be duplicate records for the same item but in the future these should all be combined into a single master record).

3. If you draw a blank, try using the same technique in a database like Scopus or Web of Knowledge, or the ones recommended in our LibGuide for your subject.

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