Friday, November 12, 2010

DISCOVER tip: not enough results?

If a DISCOVER search produces few (or no) results, click on the Refine Search option under the search box:

and select the option to also search within the full-text of articles and search again.

You should now find far more hits, but some of them will probably not be that relevant.

We turn off 'also search within the full-text of articles' in the default settings because we found that it often leads to too many irrelevant hits, but it is a useful trick to use when necessary. Note also that full-text searching is only available for a proportion of the records in DISCOVER, so choosing this option will tend to promote those records over ones for which full-text is not available (which is another reason why we leave it turned off by default).

If you find you usually get better results with this option turned on then you can Sign In to DISCOVER to register for a personal EBSCO account that will allow you set this option as one of your preferences.

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