Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SFX now offers links to SUNCAT

If you follow one of our find it @ liverpool / SFX links for an article that we cannot access online (or indeed if you use our 'Go straight to an Article' form on our e-journals page) you will now be offered a link to see if the journal is listed in SUNCAT, the UK Serials Union Catalog (a catalogue that combines the journals catalogues of over 75 UK libraries, including the British Library).

This can be useful to help you:

- to decide whether an Inter-Library Loan is likely to be successful (quickly)

- to decide which other libraries you could visit to get hold of the journals you

- need to make a case for us to start subscribing to the journal ("look, all these places have it!")

For example, the absence of a Full Text icon for this article in Scopus suggests we don't have full-text access online:

Sure enough, the SFX screen does not offer a full-text link, but as well as offering a link to search our own catalogue it also offers a link to search SUNCAT for the journal:

We don't have this journal in our own catalogue:

But SUNCAT tells us that plenty of other libraries do stock it, and it tells us the coverage at each location:

So you could conclude that you'll probably be able to get hold of this easily through one of our document delivery services.

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