Monday, September 13, 2010

DISCOVER and LibGuides replace Metalib

Today we launched two new services that replace Metalib for searching multiple resources and for finding which resources are available in your subject area: DISCOVER and LibGuides.

DISCOVER, powered by EBSCO Discovery Service, provides a simple, yet quick and powerful, way to search a huge number of resources at the same time. When you search DISCOVER it searches:

  1. multiple subject-specific indexes, like Medline, GeoRef, PsycINFO, MLA and Historical Abstracts
  2. multiple full-text databases like Business Source Premier and Academic Search Complete
  3. multidisplinary databases like 'TOC Plus' and the British Library's tables of contents database which powers Zetoc
  4. our own library catalogue.
As well as providing you with a single set of results from all those resources it also runs separate searches of datbases that can't (yet) be included within DISCOVER itself, like Web of Knowledge and Scopus and you can look at those results separately. Over the next couple of weeks we'll refine exactly which external resources are covered by DISCOVER, and this will change as more resources are built into the main DISCOVER search.

A DISCOVER search involves 4 simple steps:

  1. Enter your search
  2. Refine your results using the facets on the left
  3. Explore your results and view full records and full text
  4. Explore more results from additional sources.
As well as our all-encompassing DISCOVER search we're offering 4 subject-focussed searches that should still find almost everything that's relevant, but with reduced 'noise' from irrelvant hits.

LibGuides are our new way of guiding you towards the resources that we provide in your subject area. Library resources change a lot, so even if you think you know it all, check the LibGuides pages for your subject area and see what you're missing. Over time we'll enhance our LibGuides pages with more tutorials and guidance.

If you have any questions or comments about DISCOVER or LibGuides, please contact your
liaison librarian.


Anonymous said...

Not as useful / good as the previous engine MetaLib, im very disappointed and make my FYP a little harder!

Terry Bucknell said...

We'd like to know more and we'd like to help you make your FYP easier! Please contact your liaison librarian - see or me directly: t.d.bucknell at