Monday, November 02, 2009

New Article Recommender service

We have introduced an additional feature to our SFX / find it @ liverpool link resolver - an article recommender powered by software called bX. To see it in action try this article on problem based learning in medicine.

The usual SFX screen now includes suggestions for 3 more articles that are likely to be of interest, and this list can be expanded to 10 articles (using View More...)
Where we definitely have online access to the recommended article, its title will be a direct link to the article. In either case there will be an SFX link for each recommended article which will help to locate it, and which can itself include further article recommendations.

How does it work? It harvests logs from SFX servers from around the world and connects together articles that were viewed in the same session. In then data mines all this information to build up a 'map' of the relationships between articles. When you request an article, it shows you which other articles are most strongly connected to it. For this reason, not all articles provide recommendations, as there may be insufficient data in the system to provide useful recommendations.

This feature will appear (where possible) whenever you follow an SFX / find it @ liverpool link, whether from a database like Web of Knowledge or Scopus or our own 'Go Straight to an Article' form on our e-journals page.

We welcome your comments on this new feature!

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