Friday, July 31, 2009

Walter de Gruyter e-books in Classics, History & Philosophy

We have purchased a 32 e-books from Walter de Gruyter on their Reference Global platform. Eight of the titles are available now and will be added to the library catalogue shortly:

From Alexandria to Babylon
The Invectives of Sallust and Cicero
Nietzsche, Power and Politics
Post-Roman Towns, Vol. 1: The Heirs of the Roman West
Post-Roman Towns, Vol. 2: Byzantium, Pliska, and the Balkans
Praising the Goddess
Rio Grande – Texas
Roman Portraits in Context

These rest will be added when they are published.

Walter de Gruyter e-books are provided in simple PDF chapters, with none of that Digital Rights Management (DRM) software that we know you hate.

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