Friday, July 31, 2009

Martinus Nijhoff International Law / Human Rights e-books

We have purchased the 2006-2009 International Law and Human Rights / Humanitarian Law e-books collections from Martinus Nijhoff and access is available now from We will be adding catalogue records for all titles soon.

The Martinus Nijhoff collections include about 300 titles in the areas of:

Public International Law, Law of the Sea, International Trade Law, International Labour Law, Environmental Law, European Law, Islamic Law, International Relations, International Organizations, Terrorism, Legal History, and

Human Rights, Refugee Law, Immigration Law, Health Law, Children’s Rights, Minority and Group Rights, Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law.

Martinus Nijhoff e-books are provided in simple PDF chapters, with none of that Digital Rights Management (DRM) software that we know you hate.

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