Monday, April 27, 2009

Metalib resource updates

Following this month's update to the Metalib 'knowledge base' the following resources are now available to search in Metalib, or have had their search functionality improved:

- JSTOR: we now offer separate searches of each of our subscribed collections: JSTOR Arts & Sciences I-IV and VII (formerly Complement), Biological Sciences, Ireland. The main entry for JSTOR still searches all JSTOR collections (but note that we don't subscribe to JSTOR Arts & Sciences V or VI). A seperate entry for 19th Century British Pamphlets is not yet available.

- Royal Society Journals: this searches all years of all Royal Society journals. Note that we have full access to Royal Society journals.

- Oxford Music Online: it is now possible to search all areas of Oxford Music Online as a signle resource (though as only 30 searches are initially returned from any Metalib resource you may prefer to search the 4 existing sub-targets for the components of Oxford Music Online).

- Cambridge Companions Online: this is now a fully-functional search, i.e. the records are returned to the Metalib interface (previously we just linked out the search results on the CCO site). The SFX links have been suppressed from the returned records because a much more reliable way to link to the required chapter is to follow the direct link from the full Metalib record.

- Cambridge Scientific Abstracts: the following databases can now be searched in Metalib: Algology Mycology and Protozoology Abstracts, Genetics Abstracts, Oncogenes and Growth Factors Abstracts, Virology and AIDS Abstracts.

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