Wednesday, July 30, 2008

1,500 e-books purchased on Oxford Scholarship Online

We have purchased about 1,500 e-books from Oxford University Press in Oxford Scholarship Online. They are all of the available titles in:

Business and Management
Classical Studies
Economics and Finance
Political Science

Each e-book will appear in the catalogue soon, but in the meantime you can access them directly from

You can print up to a single chapter from each Oxford Scholarship Online title or up to 5% of the pages of any title, whichever is the greater. Content is printed by HTML page unit – each is the equivalent of five print pages. To print any page from the Oxford Scholarship Online site, simply use the Printer Friendly link in the left-hand navigation area. A preview window will appear with the correctly formatted pages, minus the site navigation components.

find it @ liverpool links appear in Oxford Scholarship Online. These allow you to quickly find out if we also have the title in print, and particularly for the OSO titles that we have not purchased, find out whether we have online access to them elsewhere, for example in ebrary Academic Complete.

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