Monday, June 30, 2008

Blackwell journals now in Wiley InterScience

As of July 30th we believe that we have access to all the Blackwell Publishing journals that we should have access to, including subscribed titles that are outside the NESLi2 collections, and to our purchased Blackwell Publishing backfiles.

Wiley-Blackwell report that 1.6 million additional articles from Blackwell journals have been successfully loaded onto Wiley InterScience. After a few additional downtime hours they have now made the Wiley InterScience site live again. There may be intermittent service in the short term while they stabilize the site. They have also now permanently shut down the Synergy site.

They have redirected most links to their nearest equivalent on Wiley InterScience. However, they are still working on the OpenURL links which currently redirect to the Wiley InterScience homepage rather than the journal page, as they should. These links will be back in place in a few days. If you are not familiar with Wiley InterScience then please use the online tutorials or sign up for a free online webinar here:

To view the full list of Wiley-Blackwell journals go to You will see here several new subject areas which they have added to now reflect the full depth and range of the Wiley-Blackwell list. Wiley InterScience now includes 1,400 current journals, and 660 titles with backfiles back to volume 1. The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology will continue to be hosted on a separate site:

There is still some missing content from Blackwell which they are working through. This includes some issues, articles, parts of articles (e.g. article loaded in xml but not in PDF) plus some missing metadata and articles which need to be fixed due to special character rendering issues. The full list of missing content which they are working through will be listed on their transition site: and this will be updated weekly.

Work is well underway on the new Wiley-Blackwell online platform which will include many of the best features of Synergy as well as InterScience and which we will be launching in early 2009. More information about this new service will be provided in due course.

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