Thursday, May 22, 2008

SciFinder Scholar - web version now available

Until now you have had to install client software to use SciFinder Scholar (Chemical Abstracts Online). A web version has now been made available - see for details of how to register for and use this version.

Note that we have only 6 simultaneous user licences for SciFinder Scholar. To enable us to use the web version we have had to split our user licences between the two versions. We have opted to assign 4 user licences to the client version and 2 to the web version. If you are denied access to one version, try the other.

In the past year only 1% of attempts to access SciFinder Scholar have been unsuccessful due to all licences being in use. We will continue to monitor turnaways for both versions of SciFinder Scholar but do contact
Clair Sharpe or leave a comment if you find that you are being regularly turned away.

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