Friday, October 26, 2007

Core E-Textbooks now available for 4 subjects

Some core e-textbooks are now available in Business & Management (5 titles), Engineering (14 titles), Media Studies (7 titles) and Medicine (10 titles).

These titles have been licensed by the Library free of charge for 2 years as part of the JISC E-Books Observatory Project which aims to look at how core texts are used online, and how their availability affects purchasing levels and borrowing of library copies of the print versions. Up until now, most e-books available to libraries have been 'research monographs' or the sort of books that are useful for background reading or projects. Publishers have not been willing to licence core e-textbooks to libraries, though some of them do sell them direct to students.

The books are available on either the Myilibrary or Books@Ovid platforms. All books are in the library catalogue and there are links to each subject collection from our
main E-Books page.

Featured titles include:

Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning - Hooley, Saunders & Piercy
Aerodynamics for Engineering Students - Houghton & Carpenter
Engineering Materials 1 & 2 - Ashby
Power Without Responsibility - Curran
Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine - Topol

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