Friday, June 22, 2007

Get Full Text replaced by 'find it @ liverpool'

Our OpenURL service, Get Full Text, powered by LinkFinderPlus has now been replaced by 'find it @ liverpool' powered by SFX.

SFX is the market leading OpenURL software from Ex Libris, who absorbed Endeavor Information Systems (the providers of LinkFinderPlus) earlier this year.

Where you have been used to seeing:

You will now see:

When you click on one of the new links, an SFX window will open (we may 'brand' this in the University style later).

If we have full-text access to the required article then SFX will tell you which site(s) you can access it from, and then you just need to click on the GO button for that site to go to the article.

Sometimes SFX cannot link you directly to the article itself, but it will take you to the table of contents for the required journal issue, or just to the journal home page. We will gradually fine-tune SFX so that it can link directly to an even higher proportion of journals.

SFX is able to link to a far wider range of journals than LinkFinderPlus has been able to.

Wherever we have full-text access to the journal, or wherever we have it in print, SFX also offers a link to our catalogue record(s) for that journal.

There is an 'Advanced' area at the foot of the SFX window which will in time offer links to find the required journal in other library catalogues etc. In the meantime, that's where you'll find a link to a form to report problems.

TIP: Despite our best efforts, it is sometimes not possible to maintain a link via EZproxy through all the steps that SFX needs to perform to construct a link to an article. If you are off-campus and are denied access to an article, look to see if 'ezproxy' appears in the URL. If it doesn't, try putting it in as follows:

e.g. for:

amend it to:

i.e. insert before the first single slash in the URL.

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