Monday, April 23, 2007

TRIAL: Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO)

The Library has a trial of MEMSO until 21st May 2007. MEMSO contains searchable editions of British and Irish (including foreign and colonial papers) printed editions of manuscript source material for the period c. 1000 to c. 1800. Examples of the sort of material included are:
  • The Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of Henry VIII
  • The Calendars of Patent Rolls (c. 1150-1509)
  • The Calendar of State Papers, Colonial (America, West Indies, India, Persia and Japan) (1574-1706)
Manuscript images will begin to be added in 2007, linked to the corresponding searchable text, starting with the Calendar of State Papers, Domestic and Foreign.

To access this trial go to (on campus only).

After using MEMSO please leave a comment.


T said...

This is a very good resource. Having searchable PDF texts of these documents should make them much easier for undergraduates (and staff) to use in their research. One small issue, I tried to look at the version of Clark's life of James II but the link doesn't seem to work properly. Thanks again for getting the trial of this resource. I hope we can get a subscription.

Ted Vallance

Marios said...

An excellent resource for students and researchers. Please let's get this.

Marios Costambeys

Martin Heale said...

I've found this invaluable for my research, and it will be equally useful for dissertation students. Definitely worth trying to get this resource.

HEBraun said...

This is an invaluable resource with regard to staff research as well as Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching. It will make it much easier for Undergraduate to develop dissertation topics and will provide Graduates with an essential database. I would like to see the purchase of this resource attain high priority.

Harald E. Braun

anne said...

This is an excellent resource for research and teaching. In terms of chronological range, it will be useful for medievalists and well as early modernists. It also covers a wide area range, with key works for students of English, Irish, Scottish and early American societies.

It already boasts an impressive range of resources. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature is Tanner/Ritchie's desire to extend their range in response to subscribers' needs/preferences. This will make an already outstanding resource even more effective as their data base expands.

The resource will be used by staff and students across the Arts Faculty. There may be take-up as well in parts of SES (specifically Art History/Architecture).

keith mason said...

This looks to be an invaluable resource. As a historian of early America, with an interest in slave systems, I will certainly make use of it, as will my students.

Anonymous said...

We are pleased to note the very positive response to MEMSO. I have noted the problem with Clark's life of James II, and will see it is fixed today.

Many thanks for your valuable input.

Roland Tanner