Monday, January 15, 2007

TRIAL: CSA Sociology, Social Services, Political Science Abstracts with Full-Text

The Library has access to enhanced versions of:

CSA Sociological Abstracts
CSA Social Services Abstracts
CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

with over 220,000 full-text articles from ProQuest until 9th February 2007.

Only 27 of the full-text titles are embargoed and 26 of those are for periods less than 1 year. They have a deep archive dating as far back as 1922. However, we may already have online access to the more recent years of many of these titles through our Big Deals (in particular with SAGE Publications, Blackwell Publishing and Taylor & Francis), and to the archives through JSTOR.

We really want to hear if you find that these full-text collections add significantly to our existing full-text offerings. Please leave a comment!

Tip: Limit your search to ProQuest Full-Text only, and check to see if we have access to the same articles using our
library catalogue or Get Full-Text

To access this trial go to these databases on
CSA Illumina.

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