Monday, January 15, 2007

NEW e-journals Big Deal: Nature Publishing Group

We're delighted to announce that we have signed up to the Nature Publishing Group's first-ever NESLi2 agreement at the Platinum level, which means that we have online access to all NPG journals in 2007: both the Nature-branded journals and the journals that NPG publish on behalf of societies.

Catalogue records have been created for all of the available journals, or just follow the links from the NPG journals site.


Anonymous said...

I tried the Nature link from the E resources news and trails - it works. But when I tried it via the search for NPG journals - such as Nature Protocol- on the Library catalogue- the link that comes out with the result does not give you full text. It is without the ezproxy portion in the url.

Terry Bucknell said...

That's because the Nature site supports Athens authentication (and that's way our catalogue records for NPG journals have a link to our Athens login page too). Under our current EZproxy set-up some users are blocked from using it by firewalls so we use Athens where available. We hope to use a more modern EZproxy set-up soon and that will get around firewall problems and allow us to link to almost all resources via EZproxy. That will give you a much more seamless off-campus experience with our e-resources.