Thursday, November 02, 2006

TRIAL: xPharm and PharmaPendium

The Library has a trial of xPharm and PharmaPendium on the Elsevier MDL DiscoveryGate Platform until 30th November 2006.

To access this trial go to
DiscoveryGate. You will see icons for xPharm and PharmaPendium in the central QuickSearch Applications pane.

xPharm is a web-hosted reference work of authoritative pharmacological information. All of the content in xPharm has been written and collated by renowned and recognized researchers in their respective fields.

xPharm contains detailed data and analysis about pharmacological targets, agents, principles and disorders, along with comprehensive and easy to understand information about the mechanisms that govern their interaction.

PharmaPendium brings together the best sources of preclinical and clinical data and integrates this with post-market surveillance reports for a wide selection of approved drugs.

After you have tried xPharm or PharmaPendium please leave a comment below

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Anonymous said...

Useful and easy to use database.