Wednesday, November 01, 2006

TRIAL: RefWorks web-based bibliographic software

The Library has a trial of RefWorks until 30th November 2006. RefWorks is a web-based bibliographic software tool (cf Endnote or Reference Manager).

To access this trial go to

At your first visit, you must create an account name and password. Click on ‘Sign up for an Individual Account’. We recommend that you use your University email address in the registration form.

Then choose the type or user and area of interest (we could modify the choices here if we started a subscription to RefWorks). You are then ready to start putting references into RefWorks.

You can do this
- via the direct links from resources like CSA Illumina, Scopus, Ebsco, Porquest, Ovid...
- entering manually references (in the menu bar choose 'References/add new references')
- searching an online catalogue (in the menu bar choose 'Search/online Catalogue or database/ select a resource from the drop down list - Library of Congress for example - do a quick search and in the results window click on those references you want to export into your own personal RefWorks database and hit 'import')
- setting up a RSS feed import (in the menu bar choose 'Search/RSS feed/ and enter the feed URL)

For subsequent logons, simply enter your log-in name and password to connect to your personal RefWorks database.

Off-campus, follow the steps above and you will then be prompted for our
Institutional code.

RefShare is the sharing module allowing collaborative work between different institutions on different geographic sites. Our account has a RefShare web page where we can
- post bibliographies of interest to all
- post reading lists for students or for collaborative research projects
- post lists like alerts on hot topics of interest to your Institution

RefWorks staff have created a demo list - one with some articles relating to University of Liverpool. To see these lists from within RefWorks, go to the tool bar View/RefWorks Shared Area and you will open an URL - click on the hyperlinks to see the bibliographies.

Currently, everyone can post their bibliographies to the RefShare page (in the menu bar Folders/Share folders and click on 'share folder', complete the details and then at the bottom click on 'include in shared area and choose which category or simply send your bibliography via email by clicking on the 'Email URL' button top right.

We suggest you read the following online Help pages in RefWorks:

Getting started with RefWorks
Getting started with RefShare
Quick Start Guide

After using RefWorks please leave a comment below


Anonymous said...

Its great. i am a phd student and i use alot of different computers so it is ideal to have a web based referencing system. Please keep it.

Anonymous said...

please keep it, I can share my reference with my colleagues,thanks

David Clay said...

A web based referencing system that you can access from any computer, anywhere and where you can share with your colleagues would be a step forward. I think we should keep it.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of being able to use RSS feeds to see the latest issues of my favourite journals, and then selecting articles to add into a RefWorks folder. A great way of keeping up to date.

Anonymous said...

As principally a remote user, this has great advantages over the existing WTS-accessed Endnote and RefMan. It also seems cleaner and easier to use for someone new to such packages. Please keep it! but could we please also ensure that Write N Cite will be web-accessible remotely, rather than having to use it through WTS. Thanks

Zelda Chatten said...

Extremely clear and intuitive and being web-based has real access advantages over other systems. Particularly like the ease of creating bibliographies using Write-N-Cite. I think it should be kept.

Nick Bunyan said...

I had a quick go of the trial software and I think it user friendly and very useful to be able to create reference databases online. The ability to link to the software from VITAL (Blackboard) I think means that students can be encouraged to use it for research activities set by staff etc. The ability to ceate reading lists that can be linked to VITAL modules by staff is very useful.

Nick Bunyan

Sara Bowler - CSA/RefWorks said...

In response to the comment "could we please also ensure that Write N Cite will be web-accessible remotely, rather than having to use it through WTS" I just wanted to let all users know that if you decide to subscribe to RefWorks as well as having access to Write N Cite on campus through the University machines, this tool is also available for all users to download to any machine (off campus) that they would like to, in order to create your bibliography so there are no limitations in terms of where you are working in order to use this feature