Monday, November 13, 2006

TRIAL: Faculty of 1000 Medicine

The Library as a trial of Faculty of 1000 Medicine until 30th December 2006. We already subscribe to Faculty of 1000 Biology.

To access this trial go to Faculty of 1000 Medicine (requires EZproxy login off-campus).

Faculty of 1000 Medicine is the next-generation literature evaluation and awareness service for medicine. Based on the recommendations of a selected faculty of nearly 2500 leading international researchers and clinicians, it systematically highlights and reviews the most pertinent papers in any field of medicine.

After trying Faculty of 1000 Medicine please leave a comment below.


Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that there does not seem to be a section on communication, I would have thought that this was regarded as a very important area of medicine.

Anonymous said...

No obvious musculo-skeletal section other than rheumatology. Otherwise quite interesting

Anonymous said...

Easy to use. The Gastro section very good. Highlighted a number of hot papers and landmark studies. The Faculty comments were additionally useful and all from key PI's in their respective fields.

Cornelia Schnelle, Editorial Director, Faculty of 1000 Medicine said...

We'd be interested to have a better idea of exactly what the poster of the first comment means by 'communication'. If they mean communication between doctors and patients, they should be able to find papers on this topic in the 'Quality & safety in medical practice' Section ( If, however, they mean knowledge transfer/implementation science, they might be interested to know that we are preparing to add a Section on this topic in the near future. Regarding the second comment, we'd be interested to know what other musculo-skeletal Sections would be perceived as useful. Suggestions can be emailed to