Friday, November 10, 2006

TRIAL: Empire Online

The Library has a trial of Empire Online until 8th December 2006.

To access this trial go to (on-campus only).

Empire Online contains over 70,000 images of original manuscripts and printed material, 1492-1962, taken from libraries and archives around the world. Africa, the Americas, Australasia, Oceania and South Asia are all covered.

Empire Online comprises 5 sections:

Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
Section II: Empire Writing and the Literature of Empire
Section III: The Visible Empire
Section IV: Religion and Empire
Section V: Race, Class and Colonialism, c1783-1969

Section V is not due for release until January 2007 when the whole site will also move to a completely new environment.

After trying Empire Online, please leave a comment below.


Anonymous said...

Although some of this is a bit fragmentary, there are some excellent collections of documents within this. Plus, the collection dovetails with material already in the Library, e.g. set of contemporary journals from C19th. This would be an very considerable addition to the collection.

Patrick Tuck said...

This is a collection of samples, several of which are rare and difficult to obtain from elsewhere. A number of items are extensive enough to use for Special Subject and dissertation work, others for teaching on more general courses on empire. The collection as a whole usefully complements some of our own library resources on Africa and Asia. I would strongly support our purchase.

Eve Rosenhaft said...

While I find this kind of sampling approach inherently frustrating - limits its usefulness as a research tool - I'm sure this will be useful for teaching purposes. Regrettable - though unsurprising - that all the material seems to be in English. Some items in translation are included, as well as English material reflecting on circumstances in the colonies of other European states.