Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NEWS: BIOSIS withdrawn

The CHEST agreement for BIOSIS on the Edina site has now come to an end.

The Library has decided not to participate in the new agreement for BIOSIS because the low level of usage for this database did not justify the cost.

The multidisciplinary Scopus database is being partly funded by the savings from not renewing BIOSIS. We believe that Scopus and Web of Knowledge, coupled with more specialized databases, including:

Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences databases from CSA
Faculty of 1000 Biology from BioMed Central

Medline from Ovid

Veterinary Science
Veterinary Science Database from CABI

should meet the needs of existing BIOSIS users. If you are seriously affected by the withdrawal of BIOSIS, please contact our subject librarian for the School of Biological Sciences, Clair Sharpe.

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